Chen (EXO) - 최고의 행운 (Best Luck)
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Omo it’s out

Nation’s Top Idol Group

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Did you know guys that the cast of Pretty Little Liars signed for a season 6 & 7 ? This just mean that this isn’t over bitches..

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Nation’s Top Idol Group

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Sometimes during Rnning Man’s name taff ripping race I’m on a total apnea…It’s like you’re the one who”s running and get scared to found an enemy at every corner. This episode with fighter Choo Sung Hoon was too much to handle…

Should I make a slutty confessions time ? Tell me guys ^^


Park Minwoo looking at his crush like >.<

Those dimples… I’m just dying. STAHP IT !

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You see Min Woo-ssi , you got a great opportunity ^^

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And if I never get to heaven
Will you find a way to me?
Said if I never get to heaven
Say you’ll come and rescue me

But if I never get to heaven
Do you think I’ll still be free?
And if I never get to heaven
Say you’ll come and be with me.
Be with me


Awww.. :( Showing this side of him~ I like how he is very honest.

Minwoo is envious. Yes, he is. But I think more than being jealous, he pities himself that though he debuted first and is older, Kang Jun is more famous and gets more work than him.

However, Dong Wook is right. An amazing opportunity will come to you Minwoo Oppa. Fighting! And I’ll be supporting you all the way~ #Roommate

I really understood him at this moment….And I really think that he was feeling bad too somehow to feel this way toward a friend. I’m sure everything will be alright for you sweety pie.

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