I have a thing for this song now… Thanks to Running Man

and the stars make love to the universe

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Ji Sukjin and Yoo Jaesuk Kiss Scene!!!!! OMG >/////////////<

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Because you stayed there,
because it’s you
Because you sometimes
quietly lean on my shoulder
I’m really, wholly thankful
I follow you as
time flows and stops

omg Kwangsoo looks so adorable and good here <3 ily!

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Have you ever try to watch en entire show episode without checking just once Tumblr ? I don’t know why I just can’t… this is clearly witchcraft !

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I’ve never really though much about having Tumblr in Korean until today. This is gold. Roughly translates to: “Do Minjoon, is this your star? Then I’m technically stuck on your star! What.”

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I don’t know what to say…

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This is a song dedicated to LDR’s couples

When life takes its own course
Sometimes we just don’t get to choose
I’d rather be there next to you
Promise you’ll wait for me, wait for me
Wait ‘til I’m home….

Woahhh Am I the only one thinking that this Irene from Hong Kong made an amazing job ??? I mean the game was so cleverly done. They had a lot of time fun and I thing the different games was really meaningful !!


C: Arab Runners Team.

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